B-Life In The Wild

Still only about a month old, the kitten’s home is under the bushes, on a low rooftop, or in any unoccupied storage space that is dusty and crawling with insects. They eat, play, hide, sleep and practice their skills to get them through life in these environments.

The Story from the kitten:

We were born under a bush, and our lives continue to revolve around our bush. I am not sure if it is the same one we came into the world under, as we spend time under many different bushes, but it is the one where we are right now. My brothers and sisters are always with each other; we do everything together. We eat under the shade of the leaves, and we hide in the branches where it is difficult to find us.

Curiosity600 BornUnderBushPaint600

Eating off the stone slab under their bush home. Hiding in the branches.
There is a slab of stone to sit on where we are also given food by something that is not like us. The milk from our mother is not enough; I am always hungry. Among the leaves and twigs we play and hide. Sometimes we practice our skills, other times we sleep. Keeping clean is a full time job. I have learnt to climb up into the branches, and I found a special place between two where I feel safe. Mother is not always around. She comes and goes; I know not where. Maybe one time she may not come back.
Sometimes we climb up into the bushes for protection. You have to look very hard to find us and need to search among the leaves. We have found several places where more than one of us can squeeze in, like in the image below. We are lucky, it is middle of the summer, and it will not rain for another couple of months, so we are outside all the time. When we are not sleeping or hiding we play under the sun out in the open.


Three kittens hidden in the bushes.


Whites cool, and don’t you forget it!
We have not gone too far just yet. The bushes are near for quick cover if there is any danger. My brother is white with a few black spots and is the biggest and the strongest of the five of us. He thinks white is cool, but it shows up the dirt more easily. We are learning to clean ourselves; mum says we have to do it all the time to keep our coats in good condition as we get older. We can get fleas in our fur and serious tummy problems if we eat something bad when we are hungry. There is no one to help us, or a vet to put us right.

Hi!350 WhiteisCool350

Keeping a sharp look out.
We have to keep a sharp look out even when we are playing. We have very good hearing, but we still have to be on our guard. Our sensitive hearing will help us catch food when we get older, like mice and small insects. For now, my mum tries to feed us with milk, but she is getting very angry at our demands and pushes us away. Our tails are beginning to grow but my fur is still spiky, and I look a bit scruffy.
I am not sure if I am a boy or a girl, maybe you can look and tell me. I will lift my tail so you can see. Not sure, still too young I suppose, cannot tell the difference yet. We have been learning the moves, jumping, pouncing, clawing, biting, rolling over and crawling slowly. We practice on each other, taking it in turns at the different rolls. That’s me again below, facing off my black-and-white brother. Should I pounce first or should I roll on the floor this time and let him jump and grip me with his teeth? Behind him is my sister, she thinks she is beautiful.

BoyorGirl600 FacingOff600

Can you tell yet? Am I a boy or girl.   Facing off, who is to pounce first?
She probably is, with golden speckled patches all over her fur coat. They seem to glow when the light catches them; it is hard not to admire her. However, trying to stand on your back paws showing off, not cool, it could be a new pounce manoeuvre. Or is it to get one up on us boys, being the only girl. Our fur coats are still a bit straggly, but mum says they will get smooth and shiny as we grow older.

BackPawsPosterPaint750  Solo750

Showing off. Our coats are still straggly.

OnlyLeafSize600 FootballAnyone600

Hummm! Whats this? Something good to eat.

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